a girl and her jewelry

Amy in "Cadillac" Necklace


Thanks to the unlikely love connection between a brainy mechanical engineer and a fashionable interior designer, I came to be. From mom and dad, I inherited an eye for aesthetics and the curiosity to know how things work. My family nurtured my creative qualities, enabling my artistic development and desire to design, build, and problem solve. My medium happens to be jewelry. 

I assume my childhood fascination with shiny objects and my mineral exhibit's success in the Kindergarten science fair were, perhaps, early indicators of my future in jewelry. Or maybe when I was willing to endure the merciless taunting I received in 5th grade for wearing every piece of jewelry I owned, simultaneously. It wasn't until sometime during my 5+ year college tenure in the Advertising field that I managed to completely switch gears and became immersed in my jewelry design. Ten years later, I am completely hooked. Fine, fashion, vintage, antique, contemporary, the Avant-Garde; I love it all. I dream in jewelry.


Good wine and music play a big part in my design process but it usually starts with a random idea conjured from the depths of my brain. I specialize in the creative cold connection of chain, rough gemstones, pearls, leather, metal beads and vintage castaways. I integrate finer elements such as gold vermeil, gold fill, and sterling silver to add richness. The use of non-jewelry items is also a distinctive characteristic of my designs. It's the immeasurable lineage of the vintage components I choose that make my jewelry so special, and many one-of-kind. I guess I'm a sucker for nostalgia and a good treasure hunt. 

Self-taught, (with the exception of one torchwork course to avoid burning down the house) I have become an expert in trial and error. For every successful design, there are multiple prototypes that don't make the cut. As an artist, I believe that growth plays the biggest role in keeping our minds well oiled with ideas so I am always experimenting with new techniques and materials. Gem-setting is currently on the horizon.


Overcoming the fear of rejection to reach a larger audience has been my most crippling challenge. Not everyone will like my work, but it's a numbers game and I have to play.


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